happy weekend <3

mm, first year teacher weekends..

they truly are heaven on earth.

i plan on having cute little random posts with things i like and things i’m doing each weekend! here’s my first one!

so far, i’ve managed to eat cheese and crackers and finally watch Beasts of the Southern Wild. i remember seeing the preview when i was living in Oregon a few summers ago, and i was immediately enthralled. it’s just as rewarding as i had expected. if you haven’t seen it, go out and watch it immediately!

i’m also really into this joni mitchell cover right now, especially since the video stars rebecca hall. i’ve always thought rebecca looked like my high school french teacher, which makes me love her even more. have you listened to james blake? he’s fantastic!

i plan on having a cinco de avril (cinco de mayo, a month early) party just to celebrate the start of pretty weather and my love of mexican food. if i come up with anything fun, i’ll share some recipes and pictures!

what are you doing this weekend? hope you enjoy it, whatever you do!



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