Five Things Fri– oops

Even though it’s a day late, it’s certainly not a dollar short..

Here are five things from my week!

1. Bought a basil plant and have managed to not kill it yet!

2. Thursday was national sibling day, apparently, and tonight is prom night, so here’s a picture of me and my sister on prom night four years ago!

me and my sis

She’s very tall..

3. Dreaming of these very pretty little baskets for my fridge and counters.

4. I did buy these spring shoes, but they were too big, so I gave them to my mother, because I’m sweet as pie.

5. Confession: I’ve been watching Vampire Diaries obsessively. My best friend watched it for years, and I just couldn’t believe that I’d like it. Finally, after binge-watching everything else reasonable on Netflix, I’ve started watching it. It’s surprisingly good.



What are you digging this week? Bought any cute shoes recently?



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