five things friday

1. major inspiration source at one of my favorite’s is ricki’s dancing, so cute and fun!

2. my dear friend sent me a video by san fermin the other day and said it would simply make my day. he was right. then, i stumbled on the band’s npr tiny desk concert. it blew me away.

3. yesterday, my favorite author, gabriel garcia marquez, passed away. 100 years of solitude has been my favorite book for years. i was very sad to hear of his passing, but it sounds like it was an end to his suffering, so i guess i can be thankful for that. do you have a favorite author?

4. do you have a go-to staple item of clothing? for me, it’s a good striped shirt. i have five, and it’s the hardest thing for me to walk away from one at the store. i might need this print from etsy.

5. last weekend was prom! i freaked out about what to wear momentarily, because what do grown ups wear to prom? i think it turned out to be a lovely event, and i was proud of my students for acting tastefully.

ps: i won prom queen.

prom queen


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