recent pins

so, i’ve been MIA for sure, but i’ve been super active on pinterest. feel free to follow me!

here are five of my favorite pins from the past few days:


1. this mid century modern record storage. it was only $45, so of course it sold quickly. i should have treated myself!


2. always, rose. tumblr_mskbz9HeG21sxn6coo1_1280


3. these earrings are gorgeous, but look a little on the heavy side. what do you think? which pair would you choose? i love the pink hoops.


4. THESE SHOES. but where would i wear them? do i actually need to ask that question?



5. have you seen moroccan wedding blankets before? i’m in love with the look, and can’t wait until i can splurge and add one to my home. i’m really eyeing this one, in off white and silver tones.


what are you loving these days?



i’ve been embroidering up a storm, and i can’t wait to share some finished projects with you! i have to remind myself not everything needs to be beyonce-themed.. stay tuned for pictures!