cold brew coffee concentrate

i am a caffeine addict. i love coffee. like i mentioned in my first post, i am in my first year of teaching, and a big ol’ cup of joe is (part of) what gets me through my days. everyone has their favorite way to drink coffee: black, steaming hot, americano, latte, iced, frappe.. i like mine iced. i like to imagine i am mary louise parker in weeds, sucking down coffee through a straw with perfectly painted lips. luckily for me, there’s a dunkin donuts about two minutes away from my apartment.

some mornings, i just can’t make it out the door in time to go through the drive thru. it’s nice to have an alternative to grab from the fridge. for that reason, i try to make a batch of cold brew coffee once a week. the recipe and process are simple.

french press

cold brew coffee:


  • 3 cups cold water
  • 14 tablespoons ground coffee


i make my cold brew in a french press. it makes things simple, and it turns out fine. there is a more complicated and more exact process involving cheesecloth, but this has worked well for me. combine ingredients in french press. let brew overnight or for at least six hours. press handle down, and pour into a fridge-worthy container. i pour mine into already rationed out mason jars. serve with as much or as little ice, milk, sugar, etc. as desired! the brew is strong, and made to be enjoyed with milk.

my favorite way to drink iced coffee at home is with a healthy dose of milk, a spoonful of sugar, a splash of vanilla extract, and a dash of cinnamon. how do you drink yours?

Hello, world!

hello, world! my name is Celeste, and i’m starting this blog as a creative outlet. i’ve started blogs before, but they have fizzled out quickly. i’m hoping this will not only serve as a tool to share my inspirations, but also to help keep myself accountable for reaching my goals.

a little bit about myself:

i’m a 23 year old scorpio in her first year of teaching. i like to spend a lot of time acquiring pretty trinkets and pretending to be a chef. i do a little freehand embroidery, and i’m slowly turning into my mother with each glass of chardonnay.

a little more about this blog:

i’m not entirely sure what this blog will be about. i know that every first rule of blogging is to have a concrete audience in mind when you start, but this blog is mostly for me. i will include my adventures in teaching and cooking, things i make, things i like, and i hope that i might one day come up with a concept that is completely my own. so, i guess this blog is, to some extent, about self-discovery.

thanks for joining me on my adventure : ).