sunday morning

it’s been a quiet little morning. I got some coffee downtown and now I’m watching the sweetest little girl. i am so thankful for this peaceful day. this month has been so busy, even with my weekend getaway to the beach. i needed a break to slow down before summer starts.


how do you slow down?


oopsy daisy

i didn’t forget about you, i promise. it’s just been hectic! spring break happened, and my best friend came to visit. then she graduated, and i went out of town! we went on a pubcycle. more on that later..


for now, i’ll leave you with a little list of things i like and want. a wishlist of sorts!



i’ve been listening to this guy on repeat, seriously. have you heard about him? a minnesota teen reminiscent of james blake and the weeknd, and i’m really digging him.


i am dreaming of wearing these shoes to work every day. at first i thought i just wanted the brown ones, but no, i want all three colors.


my walls are more or less bare in my little apartment, so i’ve been lusting after some gorgeous art to put on the walls. i’m especially digging this minimalist, gigantic piece here:

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 9.40.05 AM

i can’t find an original post to credit, sorry.


i’m excited to try this cold brew recipe, and i’m considering buying one of these toddy things..


i caved and bought dior addict lip glow. it’s in the mail, and i cannot wait to test it out. i’ll let you know all about it when it gets here.


in other news, i’ve got a handful of days left at school, and i’m going to the beach this weekend! summer’s going to be here before i know it. i promise not to abandon you in the meantime. ❤