going for gold

everyone has goals for the new year, even if they don’t really want them. of course, i’ve got the obvious ones in mind. be healthy. save more money. read more. floss more. and so on.

i wanted to share with you some of my goals for the new year that aren’t so cookie cutter blah blah i’ll probably forget them by january 1st.

1. be more intentional when i buy clothes (and maybe, just maybe, buy less). this past week, i ran out of clothes hangers, so i did a quick run through of what i didn’t wear often enough to keep. i filled TWO (!!!) gigantic j. crew bags full of clothes, which thankfully my little sister took off my hands.

2. find furniture and art pieces i love, especially for my guest bedroom and another piece for my living room. i want my home to be a place where i like to spend my free time. plus, getting a guest bed that i love made me feel so adult.

3. be less afraid to try new things in the kitchen, and perfect several meals. i love eating, and for that reason, i love cooking. i bought a gorgeous cookbook, which i referenced in my last post, and i’m looking forward to trying nearly EVERY recipe! i would also love to entertain more, and this will give me a wonderful excuse to host parties galore. i’d like to cook two dishes a week.

these probably aren’t anything wild and crazy, but the idea of envisioning who and what i want to be always seems like a good idea.

what are your goals for the upcoming year? any tips to help me with my goals?


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