life update

just a few lists of what’s been going on since my last update…

things i’ve made in the kitchen that i liked: 

shrimp and grits

chocolate mousse

stuffed tomatoes (with sweet potatoes)

kale chips

things i’ve read on oyster:

the handmaid’s tale

the golem and the jinni

watch how we walk

the namesake

the awakening

currently working on: i know this much is true

colors i’ve painted my nails:




dark, dark, dark red




new years

tried to have a low key night, got trashed. no one would let me wear my chacos out. happy new year, y’all!

ps. ever have one of those nights when you’re just feeling yourself and you take a thousand selfies? that was me on nye… k bai

going for gold

everyone has goals for the new year, even if they don’t really want them. of course, i’ve got the obvious ones in mind. be healthy. save more money. read more. floss more. and so on.

i wanted to share with you some of my goals for the new year that aren’t so cookie cutter blah blah i’ll probably forget them by january 1st.

1. be more intentional when i buy clothes (and maybe, just maybe, buy less). this past week, i ran out of clothes hangers, so i did a quick run through of what i didn’t wear often enough to keep. i filled TWO (!!!) gigantic j. crew bags full of clothes, which thankfully my little sister took off my hands.

2. find furniture and art pieces i love, especially for my guest bedroom and another piece for my living room. i want my home to be a place where i like to spend my free time. plus, getting a guest bed that i love made me feel so adult.

3. be less afraid to try new things in the kitchen, and perfect several meals. i love eating, and for that reason, i love cooking. i bought a gorgeous cookbook, which i referenced in my last post, and i’m looking forward to trying nearly EVERY recipe! i would also love to entertain more, and this will give me a wonderful excuse to host parties galore. i’d like to cook two dishes a week.

these probably aren’t anything wild and crazy, but the idea of envisioning who and what i want to be always seems like a good idea.

what are your goals for the upcoming year? any tips to help me with my goals?


so my father gave me an amazon gift card for christmas, and despite telling myself i would save it for something i really, REALLY needed, i immediately went looking for something to buy.

the forest feastthe forest feast by erin gleeson is right up my alley. it’s a gorgeous cookbook, with illustrated recipes and wonderful type. on one preview, i saw a recipe for chocolate mousse made with ricotta. i love ricotta, and had some on hand from another recipe i made recently. i whipped up a bowl last night, and it was delicious! perfect texture, and not too sweet. i am so excited for this cookbook to arrive so i can try more of the beautiful recipes.

what cookbooks do you use like a bible? what draws you to a cookbook, or to a cooking blog?


uh oh it’s been months again.

merry christmas, everyone!

christmas 2

a christmas present for my father, hand-carved penchristmas 1

a christmas present from my parents, a new bed for my guest room and a moroccan wedding blanket

christmas 3

a gift for a friend, embroidery piece featuring some choice words from hova and yeezy

i hope this holiday season is treating you as well as it is me

higher than a

one of my best friends and i have very similar taste in music, and he never fails to introduce me to artists i end up loving.

if you haven’t heard this song yet, you’ll probably listen to it five times in a row. the first time i heard it, i wasn’t impressed, but now that i’ve been listening to it on repeat, i love it. i actually listened to fka twigs’s song papi pacify first, and was enthralled by all the glitter in the video, which lead me to this song. apparently this is the more popular single, but i hadn’t heard it.

fka twigs reminds me of the weeknd meets janelle monae? i mean style-wise she’s not similar to janelle at all, but i think in terms of having a strong brand and similar target audience. what do you think? have you heard any good music lately?

back to school

first week down, 35 more to go.

year two feels better. it’s not easier, it’s not really that different, but i just feel like i’ve got control. i suppose it’s less unknown, less threatening. 

i’ve been going to sleep at a grandma’s bed time, close to 9 pm (or sometimes even 7…) each night. it’s definitely helped me feel more refreshed. i’ve also made a commitment to making more coffee at home rather than spending money on it. however, i do have a little coffee shop that i love. it’s locally owned and employs great people, so i feel very little guilt over spending money there. this is all to say that my mornings have become my favorite part of the day. i lounge around in bed for a half hour, get up, make coffee, and still have an hour or more before i have to get to school. 

in other news, it’s the beginning of fall. dreaming of wearing grays and browns and mustards all day. 

photo dump: summer’s end

got a new hair cut.. this is my sassy hair cut face

got a new hair cut.. this is my sassy hair cut face

bought this record the other day on my shopping spree <3 <3

bought this record the other day on my shopping spree

matchy matchy nails in bed

matchy matchy nails in bed

covered my notebooks for next year

covered my notebooks for next year

mega blurry shot of a fun night with friends, screenshot from a video

mega blurry shot of a fun night with friends, screenshot from a video

sweet blackberries

sweet blackberries

so i learned how to roller skate for a play this summer...

so i learned how to roller skate for a play this summer…

in the kitchen, with lemons

since i’ve been working in other peoples’ homes all summer, i’ve neglected my kitchen so much. today i got that itch that says, get back in the kitchen celeste! after reading my favorite blogs this morning, i decided to try this pasta al limone recipe by cupcakes & cashmere. um hello, it’s to die for.

i like my pasta a little saucier, so i added a splash more water and a touch more cream. also i got a little cheese happy before i snapped a picture, so it’s not the prettiest plating ever.



so rich, bright, and delicious. go home and try it right now, ok?


I’ve been living in this striped tee and my black j crew Minnie pants. I have two weeks left until summer is over for me, and I have to head back to work. Almost time to retire the chacos for some work appropriate flats…